Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Bus, The Bugs and Other Things

Roaches in your hair, roaches everywhere.

No, it isn't an updated version of the 60's song by the Cowsills "The Rain, The Park and Other Things," it's a real life experience for Greyhound Bus riders.

As if the recent problems occurring on Carnival Cruise ships weren't bad enough, now another form of public transportation is producing an extreme cringe factor. Apparently forty-eight passengers boarded a NYC Greyhound bus on Friday, filled with the expectation of an uneventful two+ hour ride to Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal. About fifteen minutes into the trip, the passengers realized there were a few non-paying riders on the bus.

Without warning roaches began appearing on the walls, the ceiling and coming out of every crack and crevice.  The roaches were probably asleep and missed their original destination of Atlantic City. One of them woke up and said "Holy Shit, we missed our stop, everybody get up, we gotta get off the bus." Or something like that.

You now have hundreds of roaches (exact number is uncertain, but seeing one is enough to make you start scratching every part of your body) running all over the inner frame of the bus and falling from the ceiling. Passengers began to scream as they started falling into people's hair. Can you even imagine?

The bus driver quickly pulled the bus over and one can only imagine the orderly way the freaked out passengers got off. Somehow I don't think the "all women and children first" rule was in effect. Another bus was dispatched and the passengers resumed their journey to New York, most likely in a state of constant inspection of themselves and giving the hairy eyeball to the person sitting next to them, for any creepy crawlers intent on completing their relocation process.

For their trouble and the absolute terror inflicted upon them, Greyhound has given the passengers a full refund. WooHoo. Let the lawsuits begin...extreme psychological trauma and all that.

Now I don't know about you, but I feel like taking a shower. I'm having the phantom bug itches.



  1.,reliable and courteous...oh and buggy too !

    1. no reflection on the drivers...or former drivers.

  2. I remember a Greyhound bus trip, my first, at around age 14-15. I was riding with my cousin to Kansas City (Kansas City here I come...) and as we bounced down Route 66, looking out the window we spotted a pretty cool thunderhead on the horizon, looked just like a mushroom cloud. This would've been roughly around the time of Red Dawn's original release so we joked about (funny, right?) Russians bombing us and taking over. Just as we simultaneously made mock-explosion sounds, the bus blew a tire. Spooky.