Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walking the Walk

Easter Saturday, one gorgeous afternoon. Days like this are a gift to be savored like the first bite of that chocolate bunny sitting in the basket. Oh those ears are always too tempting.

With a writing project put to bed this morning, it was time to see what has been happening around the lake since the last time the weather allowed an enjoyable stroll. Winter comes early up here and spring comes late. Very late. We might see some leaves on the trees around Memorial Day. While back home in Jersey, the daffodils are already smiling, at the lake there isn't even a hint of green popping up.

There is however, a bright blue sky filled with cotton ball clouds. Its color is in stark contrast to the decaying leaves and occasional piles of snow still lingering. With a temperature in the low 50s, time to grab the camera, the pen, the notebook and the phone and go on the road to find out.

Not a quarter mile away, the music shuffle pulled up the Beatles doing "Good Day Sunshine." Seriously, you can't make this shit up. Another half mile and two boys on bikes, around eight years old I would think, rode towards me. One had already removed his sweatshirt and was riding in a Tee, yes spring is here. Through my sunglasses I watched them as they biked closer. Big smiles on their faces... it was that kind of day. The one in the t-shirt gave me a big wave as he approached, which kind of surprised me and made me happy at the same time. I gave him a big smile as I waved back. Hopefully in another couple of years, he will still be sweet enough to wave at someone else who is enjoying the moment just as much as he.

Not too many changes around the lake in the past month or so. A couple of new homes are getting close to being finished, a lot of weekenders are up for the holiday. Everyone is beginning the new chapter of spring cleanup. But for me and a couple of kids on bikes, it was a time to clear out the cobwebs in our minds. Time to embrace the changing season and time to just... smile.


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