Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Is Why I Don't Go Out In The Daytime

So I needed to bring the Subaru up to the dealer for a little service which was under warranty. This dealership is about a half hour drive up Rt. 17 in Bergen County NJ. For the most part the road is the highway to hell for six days a week when the malls are open. The only day of peace is Sunday when under the county's archaic blue laws, the stores are closed.

Knowing I didn't want to be anywhere on this road during retail hours, I scheduled the service appointment for 7:30. But of course it's been snowing since yesterday afternoon; luckily not much is really accumulating. So here I am, out in the world on a weekday morning. I know for most of you that is a normal day, but I should be having my second cup of tea and catching up with the overnight internet world.

What I am doing is getting agitated. Yes, the dealership has wifi so I am still connected with the world, but it also has "other people" here. And the woman next to me is playing Song Pop, or whatever the hell that shit is. This is what it is... annoying. The dealership is cool, they have piped in music...right now Mumford and Sons is playing. They also have a nice TV which they switched on and is currently showing the History Channel. Apparently none of us here really care what's on. Then I have missy next to me playing Song Pop. I am being overloaded by sound. Especially those electronic noises coming from this bitch's phone.

How long I ask, how long before I say "excuse me"  hmm.
And I'm getting hungry. This could go downhill very quickly.

Oh look, my car is ready.

And tomorrow is Spring. Life is good.
Right now I have a headache.
Going home.


  1. It's forr exactly the same reasons I stay indoors & avoid people too. The world's too noisy.