Monday, May 14, 2012

Rangers-Devils: It's Gonna Get Painful

And here we go again.

Tonight begins another round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Only now it gets personal. Rangers-Devils, best of seven...winner goes to the Stanley Cup finals. Can you say "1994?" I can...I remember it well.

We lived in Queens NY at the time, across the river from Manhattan. Each round of the playoffs became more intense as the team attempted to extinguish the chants of 1940 (the last time the Rangers won the Cup) from the rafters of road arenas. Richter, Leetch, Graves and of course, the Captain. Each knew what was expected from him...and they all delivered.

As a would have been more pleasant to be eaten alive by a pack of wolves. How many game sevens, how many icings in the last minute of play and how many freakin' overtimes can a fan be expected to survive.  But we did, and the champagne that night in June, was flavored with tears of joy and the taste of victory.

A new team with new heroes takes to the ice tonight. As a Ranger fan from the 70's, this Jersey girl has no allegiance to the team from her home state. Personally, I would love to crush the Devils in 4. Realistically, I'm expecting the large knot in my stomach to be a permanent fixture for at least 6 games. All you can ask for is a well-played game, no chippiness, no injuries and good officiating. Oh yeah...and a Ranger win of course.

The agony begins at 8 PM. Anyone hear the howling of wolves in the distance?

Go Rangers.

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  1. well written babe,that was a magical run to cup i wass lucky to see first hand.Loved my old seats,at least i can say i was there for that agonizing icing with 1.6 secs to go.GO RANGERS