Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friends and Connections: Aw Nuts

Indulge me for a minute or two.

Just a quick story about a little thing. Now, in the grand scheme of is nothing. Just a moment passing between two friends. But to me it is more. A life lesson, a split-second that comes out of the air and makes you realize you have a connection to another human being that cannot be defined by a simple word.

If you have read my blogs with any consistency, there are a few characters who pop up from time to time. The drum-mamma is one of them. We used to be family, until one of us decided not to be. We still are family in every way that matters. A morning ritual of checking in via IM, text or phone call, is shoehorned between work schedules and family life. At one point during a mid-morning IM conversation, I casually mention I am eating pistachio nuts and drinking a glass of iced tea. "So am I" she writes back. "Are you freakin' kidding me?" "No."

So there you go. How do you explain two friends about 35 miles apart both deciding to have a pistachio nut and iced tea break at 10:30 in the morning. It's just a witchy bitchy thing we have going. It's also a moment which had us both laughing as we were typing every known acronym we knew, for nearly peeing in your pants.

Lesson for the day. Each 24 hours is made of single moments. They may not all be earth-shattering, but each one is unique.

Enjoy as many as you can.



  1. Let's see what tomorrow brings................! xo