Friday, May 4, 2012

Say It Ain't So Mo: Mariano Rivera ...ouch


I hate it when that's the first word that comes out of my mouth in the morning. But as I opened my eyes at 4:30 this morning, the local NY TV station began the newscast with the story of the greatest closer of all time, NY Yankee Mariano Rivera tearing his ACL. Fuck seemed to be the appropriate comment at the time.

Put a fork in him...done, at least for the season.

The first inkling of something wrong came through twitter from the Yankees. Mo was hurt shagging fly balls in the outfield during batting practice, something he has always done. A freak injury, catching his foot in the no-man's land where the outfield turf meets the warning track. The next tweet was more ominous. He had been carted off the field. Well that can't be good. Later they would say it was a twisted knee and an MRI in the morning. I saw the replay, the look of pain on his face did not look like a twisted knee. What it did look like was the end of his season. And it is...his career? Maybe.

Did I mention there has been a line of incredible thunderstorms going through? I take it as a sign that God is displeased by the injury to Mo. We, in the NY area have always assumed that God is a Yankee fan.

As I took the dog for a walk, the storm had died down and the rain stopped. That was, until I got to the halfway point of the's land.  Thunder, lightning and torrents of rain. And me & the dog.

Soaked does not even begin to describe the dog, and everything below my knees. My jeans, socks and walking shoes could not have been more wet if I pulled them out of a bathtub filled with water.

So now, is my day going to get better or just be one of those "the world is gonna piss on me today" days?
There is so much to get done today, I cannot even think about giving in to the bad karma.

No retreat, no surrender. For me and hopefully for Mo.



  1. it can get better - lunch with a friend - does that fit into your busy day???

  2. unfortunately, not today. damn...but there is a definite party penciled in for next friday. see you then.

  3. sorry god is an ny giants fan.Sucks about the greatest closer of all time.last i heard he will rehab&come back next year.Mo is one of the most respected players ever.Even in red sox nation.

  4. Potty Mouth in your it ! From one potty mouth to another!