Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Thoughts From A Scattered Mind: Still Thinking

A few quick notes about things which fascinated me over the past few days.

Saw a coconut on the ground today. Now granted if I lived in Florida, that might not be something to write about. I do however, live in New Jersey and coconuts on the ground, well let's just say this is a first for me. Now the reason I saw this coconut was because the dog was smelling the honeysuckle again (see yesterday's post).  As she was meandering around checking out the lovely fragrance, there it was. I really have no other thoughts on the coconut, other than why the hell it was there.

The man who hasn't bathed in 38 years. Yes I said 38 years. Some farmer in India, shortly after he was married, was told by a priest to stop bathing and cutting his hair if he hoped to have a son. Well, 38 years later he has six foot long dreadlocks, a long beard, seven daughters and no son. Astounding to me is the fact he still has a wife. Talk about for better or for worse. And you would think that after, I don't know, maybe five daughters he would try to change his luck by cleaning up his act. Just saying.  Full story here.

The Olympics Closing Ceremonies. Now I didn't watch the full event or else it would have merited an entire blog. What I did see was enough to make me ask the question WTF more than once. Now I'm sure if you were in the stands, the show must have been something. There were a few moments which were cool. The tribute to John Lennon was pretty neat, but when the Pet Shop Boys were parading around in those black outfits with the pointed hats, and one of them pounding on a kiddie keyboard, I just started to laugh. Apparently, laughing is not the emotion the producer was hoping for. After a total misuse of Annie Lennox, has-been models strutting to Bowie's "Fashion," well I had enough. Luckily, I turned it off before NBC decided to take an hour long break to promote a new fall season show. I would have thrown something at the TV. WTF were they thinking...not much as far as I could tell.

Helen Gurley Brown died today. Granted most women these days are barely, if at all familiar with her name. But back in the 60's and 70's, she was quite a trailblazer. In 1962 she wrote a novel called "Sex & the Single Girl." Now I was too young to have read it back then, but it caused quite a stir. The notion that women and single women at that might have an enjoyable sex life was radical, to say the least. Where I became aware of her was as a teenager reading Cosmopolitan, the magazine she edited. Very much based on the same principles as her novel, it was a monthly eye-opener for the high school crowd. While she was sometimes criticized for portraying women as too dependent on their sexuality, she opened women's minds and attitudes about making your own choices.

Romney picks Ryan. So I happened to catch the announcement. The way he talked about his running mate, you would have thought the man was Mother Theresa. God, I hate politicians. And now both sides have been drawn. Seems to me like the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

And so it begins...again. Or did it just never end?


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