Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To Pin Or Not To Pin

So have you heard of Pinterest? Most women have, men...not so much. If you haven't, this is it in a nutshell. It is another internet vacuum which sucks you in and just like twitter, refuses to let you see the light of day...ever again.

But, it has some really cool pictures. And recipes, and ideas. The aim is to create theme boards and either upload pictures (pins), search the internet for pictures or search Pinterest itself for pictures. You then can like someone else's pin (sort of like coveting your neighbors whatever) or you can take that pin and pin it onto your own theme board. And just like every other social networking follow either people or their specific boards.

Basically, it's like creating photo albums of everything you wish you owned, places you could go, things to eat, crafts to make, lessons to learn...basically anything which makes you happy.  And just like some of those insanely delicious looking desserts...Pinterest is highly addictive.  Got a lull in your day, just go check out some new pins. It is fun, I'll grant you that. And some of the photography is absolutely breathtaking.

Now, from what I've seen in the month or so I have been "pinning," some people have way too much freakin' time on their hands. Some of the crafts for example, are so tedious...I would sooner pull out my fingernails than get involved with these projects. And the recipes...very big on variations of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and desserts using one of God's most perfect foods...Oreo's.

Now I quite enjoy this little adventure. It's like being back in grammar school and making collages. I was really good at that. Not really having any artistic ability, I did have an eye, so putting together a mosaic was something that was doable.

So now I find at the end of the day when I should do at least one more constructive thing, I sit with my laptop scanning through hundreds and hundreds of photographs for no other purpose than to build my own little fantasy land.

And you know what...that's fine by me.

OMG look at those shoes...repin.



  1. omgyou just wasted several minutes out of my an idiot wasting more time with about too much wasted time.xo

  2. As soon as i get through 3 1/2 seasons of Breaking Bad, I may have room for another addiction. I did sign up though now i just have to start browsing ...