Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Solo For The Drummer

I don't have choice. I'm not exactly a "people person" so there was no way I was gonna take a chance with having a child. I don't like the responsibility of taking care of myself everyday...having a dog is pretty much my tolerance level, so having someone who actually needs me for 18 years or so...uh, no. But I digress.

This week, all over the country, recent high school graduates are packing up and going off to college. The Drum Mamma's son is one of them. How the hell the eighteen years since I first held him in my arms could have passed so quickly, is one of life's cruel jokes. Days drag on forever, years fly by.

This past year was pretty damn exciting for the Drummer Boy. His band rose to some lofty heights, playing alongside some well-known artists and receiving both honors and critical acclaim. Shows, recording, networking...learning the business through lots of hard work.

Everything changes today. While the band is still together, they are all smart enough to realize making it in a band is less than a sure thing. It's time to learn everything possible about the business end. Just be sure to make a little music everyday...because the music is the one constant in bringing peace and contentment to your life.

So today, as the Drum Mamma tries not to cry, and Big G smiles with pride as he gives one last look in the rear-view mirror...a new chapter begins. But you're a rocker Mike and it's your story, so tear out the pages and write your own.

Big drum finish...rock on.


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