Saturday, September 1, 2012

What To Do...The Weekend Dilemma

It's a beautiful day at the lake. While it will be getting hot soon, right now it feels like what it is. The last taste of summer. In just a week or two, things will start to change quickly up here. I look forward to the few truly wonderful weekends of autumn but in reality, up on the mountain, there are not nearly enough of them.

Finished up a little work related business earlier. Plan to get in a walk before the temp goes up too high, but a few minutes ago I decided to grab an iced tea and sit out on the deck for a few minutes...and do nothing. Well, that lasted exactly one sip of iced tea before I went back inside and grabbed the laptop.

This was a busy week, I've erased a few tasks off the board. But I have a few more which are under a time schedule and this weekend, they require attention. Which brings me to my dilemma: Just how much time do I spend working and how little time do I give myself to relax?

Right now I'm looking at the dog for the answer, and believe it or not...I think she has it. There are two spots on the deck which she has claimed as her own. We have acknowledged her ownership over these territories by placing throw rugs in each area every morning, so her queenship is more comfortable. From these two perches she can cover the surveillance of most of the property. Her job? Apparently it is to alert us when every deer, turkey, crow, dog or person dares to approach.

Now she decided it was ok to live with us about seven years ago, and has certainly seen her share of all of the above. It seems however in a dog's world, it is a job to be taken least for a while. Friday and most of Saturday she will really pay attention to all the possible trespassers. By Not so much. Is it boredom or just fatigue. After all, she has no backup. No other dog is coming by to relieve her.

So here's my idea. Just as she gets up and sporadically chases something or someone away, I believe I will work in spurts. Relaxing, as in doing nothing, has never been one of my strong suits. While I'm outside enjoying a beautiful breeze and blue skies...I have the laptop and I sit here writing. I can accept that. I will feel good for getting this post written and take a little stress away at the same time.

Of course, it is a holiday weekend, always time for a cocktail or four. Here's where we separate work from play. Nice, the "uncle" has just arrived with the supplemental adult beverages. Blending up a new rum recipe today.

Maybe I should have started work a little earlier this morning. Oh well...


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  1. nice&on target.enjoy walk&beverages xo