Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shoop, Shoop...What?

If you've read my Life blog with any frequency, you would know that we usually go to the weekend house on Friday afternoons. You might also know I do some shopping for supplies before we leave. At Shop-Rite. Where I have many issues...starting with the cashiers, the protocol and sometimes, the other shoppers.

The one thing I do not have an issue with is their choice of music. But first, a little background. Our friend, "the uncle" usually shows up at the house most weekends as well. More often than not, he drives in from the city and we end up meeting in Shop-Rite. Things are just cheaper in Jersey than in New York, so he does his weekly shopping and we co-ordinate cooking choices for the weekend. Our meeting kind of just happened once or twice, though now we try to time it that way.

Anyway, back to the music thing. On more than one occasion we have talked about the music being played in Shop-Rite and how we have both been known to a) sing while pushing the cart, b) dance down the aisle or c) a combination of the two (which really isn't very pretty).

Yesterday I was in Shop-Rite first. My phone rang and my response was Aisle 14, by the meat. Soon I spied "the uncle" pushing his cart in my direction...just as "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" came over the speaker system. Well I don't know about you, but there's no way I can listen to any of those 60's girl group songs without singing or dancing.

I look at "the uncle," he looks at me...he starts to dance, I start to lip sync and do my best hand expressions and...that's when it got real crowded and people started looking at us...what? All of a sudden there was a crowd of people pushing their carts between us and giving us the side eye...what?

I'm sorry people of Shop-Rite, but life is too freakin' short and no way I will suppress joy, especially if there is music involved. Let the child within you reach out. All I know is while 30 or so people looked pathetically at two middle-aged people enjoying the mundane task of food shopping, we were getting our groove on for the weekend.

Did we look ridiculous...probably. Do I care...not for a minute. I had a reason to smile yesterday, hope I do everyday.

shoop, shoop.



  1. so while im still in the city working or on my way home,you 2 are dancing in the isles at shoprite.something aint rite

  2. if you want to join us, i'll pick you up first. shake it baby.


  3. The Shop Rite in Franklin security staff have a good laugh once a week,on some good old tunes are playing in the background i start to sing and dance around the isle...........and george a man a few words just looks and laughs at 11

  4. ...why am i not surprised. i think they started playing good music so we get happy and spend more money. btw, i don't need the film, i remember a bunch of dancing my living room.

  5. LOL - never mind the double coupons - keep the good tunes rolling! The old expresaion "if it feels good, do it!" hope you had a great weekend - the weather was fine!🐶