Monday, September 24, 2012

It's True, I Wouldn't Pull Your...

I swear this is not the way I was gonna start the week.

On Saturday, I read a tweet about a certain story and I bookmarked it, and thought I would use it at some point.  But today...well there was another quote from the Buffoon, and I just could not let either one go.

So we will just talk about both of them.

Did you hear about the newest invention by the Chinese? It seems they have developed a Sperm Extractor. uh huh. oh yeah. Why do for yourself when you can have a technology do it for you. Yes indeed, it seems that the Chinese have come up with a machine that gives blow jobs. Now it is being advertised as a method in assisting fertility patients who may have trouble extracting sperm using the old-fashioned method.  But I'm sorry... It is what it is.

The story also mentions there is a video screen which plays films to help with the extraction process. However it did not mention if the film was a User Manual or a film of someone using a more manual method.

You really have to see this to believe it, and here is the link to the story which contains a video of a demonstration...though sadly, only with a finger, not a penis.
Sperm Extractor Video

My question is...when this machine was ready for human trials...who the hell stood in line as a volunteer? Is there really a man alive who would really stick it in, let a machine grab hold and not less go until...well, clinically speaking...the sperm has been extracted? Yikes.

Second story on today's list is the latest from you guessed it...Rush. Dear god, as long as I write a blog, please keep him around. Seems old Rush now has proclaimed that women are responsible for shriveling dicks. He said it not me.

A story by Hello Ladies on, included an audio clip of Limbaugh blaming the downsizing of the average man by 10%, not on the environmental reasons listed in an Italian study, but rather by "FeminNazi's" In the gospel according to Rush, the last 50 years of women burning bras has caused...well shrinkage. I admit it, the man leaves me speechless.

Now if we could only get Rush to try out the Chinese Sperm Extractor. Wouldn't that be fun?



  1. interesting,(sperm extractor)am surprised it took them so long.who is the lucky ass who gets to clean it?

  2. ...and thank you for adding another layer of the eewww factor.

  3. Not that I'd be in line to use one of those, but if such a device was really launched, there may actually be a LOT of guys who would "discreetly" pre-order the home version. We could be looking at a serious population decline in the making.

  4. and considering the gene pool this device might be attractive to, this actually might be a good thing.