Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watching the Sky

As I begin to write this blog, the wind is picking up and the next round of the storm is getting closer. We are in a tornado watch, something which doesn't occur in northeast Jersey very often.

There is a certain fascination with severe weather. Now, I'm not talking storm chaser crazy, just the excitement that builds as the forecast begins to include your area. Take hail for example. When we see these TV reports showing hail the size of golf balls, a normal first reaction is "cool."  And it is, unless it's in your neighborhood and that hail is putting golf ball size dents into the hood of your brand new car.

Or hurricane strength winds. Wow, is the general reaction while watching them tear off roofs and pull up billboards. NOOOOO, is the reaction when the wind has just lobbed a street sign through your living room window.

Yes, there is something romantic about being inside your cozy home and watching the weather unfold outdoors. Trees swaying in the wind, thunder, lightning, pouring rain...all totally enjoyable until the power goes out. While if you had chosen to sit in the dark and enjoy the show of Mother Nature, there is a whole different feel when the electric goes out and it is no longer your choice.

No lights, no TV, no internet...nothing. Just you and your loved ones. Then it starts to kick in...what the hell do we do now. Suddenly it is not romantic. Suddenly the room is closing in and you are bored to tears. All enjoyment of the storm has been replaced with wondering just how long we will have to endure this torture.

Right now the storm is about an hour away, it should be here just around sundown. Perfect timing for a power outage.

Wow, isn't it just beautiful outside?
Now where are the flashlights...


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  1. bite ur tongue woman.722 pm,Its here,very humid.dont want to lose power.