Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out of the Mouths of...

We are only into September and the political oops are already in full bloom.

It was barely two weeks ago when idiot Congressmen Todd Akin told us there is a such a thing as a legitimate rape.  He has not been heard from since; apparently he has left the planet. And just yesterday, the gift that keeps on giving, Rush Limbaugh, opened his mouth again.

Though no stranger to stupidity, Limbaugh truly showed himself to be an idiot of gargantuan proportions when he said Barack Obama was not authentically black. Why? Because he does not have "slave blood."

As if the first statement of authentically black wasn't bad enough, he then throws in slave blood. Are you kidding me?  How do people actually listen to this man?

Haven't we come far enough to stop with the race crap? Yes, a black man is president. And whether or not you think he is an idiot, that is your opinion. However, I'm pretty sure whether he is or isn't an idiot has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

What I am sure of,  is the person who tells you there are pedigrees involved in acknowledging your heritage is an idiot. and considering the number of listeners he has, a very scary one.

On a lighter note, Newt Gingrich has settled the suit against him by stating he will do his utmost to no longer use "Eye of the Tiger" in his campaign. Considering Romney accepted the nomination last week, I don't think Newt has to try too hard.

I hate politics, but you just can't beat the one-upmanship of these morons. It's not even mid-September, plenty of time for someone else to step up to the plate.

Can't wait to see who's next...



  1. For Limbaugh, and many of the other pundits it's all about planting the seed. Even if he's not a racist, he knows there are plenty of his listeners who are. Saying those "buzz words" is a dog whistle to the base. Letting them know that the type of person he/they hate occupies the White House and needs to go.

    It's the same sort of thing with the whole "Marxist, Muslim", rants and even more recently, saying people don't want to use the word "God" in their platform. Selectively using these words is a 'call to arms' for the mindless people who listen day in and day out.

    We live in a sad society where people have to listen to who someone on the radio tells them to vote for without doing their "homework". Shame on them.

    How about Hank Williams Jr's little rant the other night at a concert?

    Have I mentioned how much I hate politics too? :)

  2. ...well, i think you are just about ready for a nice political blog yourself. gojimmygo

  3. nice jackass,takes alittle pressure off me for a will try to be a source for laughter