Monday, August 27, 2012

Road Trip Revisited: Newport

Back from a non-stop weekend on the road. One thing I know for sure...I ain't as young as I used to be.

Now don't get me wrong, this old girl hasn't lost a step. It's just that when the music stops...well it takes a little longer to get off the dance floor. ugh, Monday.

So we left home early Saturday, around 7:30 AM, loaded with supplies and anticipation. An over-nighter to a city we had visited many times before: Newport, Rhode Island. Beautiful town...very high end.

One of the first things to catch my eye as we entered Connecticut on I-95N, was a caravan of Utility Trucks. At least 25 in all, driving south...assuming they were on their way to Florida to help out in the aftermath of the approaching hurricane Isaac. I would also assume they have changed their direction to New Orleans at this point.

As always, the minute we can, we jump off the highway and take the scenic route. Our definition of scenic is probably different than most. I've driven a lot of logging roads in Maine, dirt roads in New Hampshire, and stumbled across many beautiful scenes you would never find in any guide book. Even before GPS, I never worried about getting lost. It's the freakin' USA...somewhere along the line, there's gonna be a sign to lead you back to where you need to go.

We arrived in Newport around 10:30, walked around the wharf area a bit, and realized it was too damn crowded for us. Now, although we had been to Newport at least 5 or 6 times before, normally we travel with a dog. And, we never travel with a dog in the summer, always in mid-late fall, after the tourist season is over. This crowd thing was a whole new experience. And, not being the most people person you would ever meet,  it was a bit much.

One very interesting thing. Down on Thames Street, tourist central, they don't just have trash cans. They have solar powered trash compactors. I shit you not. Loved this one with the Reggae Sunsplash ad on it.

It was mid-day and time for a snack and a cocktail. Found a place on the wharf with fresh seafood and cold drinks. Perfect. A little down time, before we check out the Naval Base, where we would be going that night. Then check-in at the hotel, catch up on emails, tweets and blogs...yes I am that addicted, freshen up and head back out. I was on a mission for some chowder. The place we wanted to go to was a bit hard to find and once we did, realized it would be too long to get a table. Instead, we would end up grabbing a burger at the Naval Base. Chowder would have to wait.

Off to the Naval Base for some music and fireworks. Right on the water, surrounded by beautiful boats, a beautiful coastline and sailors. hmmm. When did they get so damn young? But I digress.

The weather was perfect. The show featured some friends of the Music blog, rock band Survivor. As usual, the band was great. As I've written in the music blog, I had also seen them early on in the tour. The time together since then has left the band tighter in sound and looser onstage. Playing for the troops, while staring at the American flag flying on the hill, has to make your heart beat just a little faster.

As soon as the show ended, the fireworks began. The fireworks barge was anchored so the Newport Bridge was in the background. And, it was quite a show...longer and more elaborate than I was expecting. A fine night in Newport, to be sure.

The morning was a little bittersweet. Right outside of Newport, is the Davisville Seabees Museum. My dad was a Seabee. Fate is a strange thing. Less than two weeks after his death, here I am on the grounds where Seabee training took place..scattering some of his ashes. Prior to it being a military site, it was a winery. My father would have been happy on both accounts, to be there for eternity.

After a few more off the beaten path adventures, it was time for the long drive on I-95S. Traffic, traffic and more traffic. At last, only more bridge to cross...the George Washington Bridge, yeah back home. Jersey, baby.

All in all, a great weekend, definitely a stress-reliever. Now back to everyday life and workin' for the weekend.

I miss the salt air already.



  1. yeah newport was like midtown in the city.not our style.overall,survivor boys were tight,had some fresh seafood,few hickups.fireworks were awesome and most of all kat got some much needed r&r

  2. Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Sounds like an amazing time! :)