Friday, November 30, 2012

And All We Needed Was A Unicorn

Two friends, feeling confined and restless, see the opportunity for a little fun and fresh air. So they take it. Nothing out of the ordinary, it happens every day. Just not quite like this.

This week, in Staten Island NY, Casper the pony, whispered a little something into his friend Rotzie the zebra's ear. Something along the lines of "Let's go have some fun, follow me." It seems the animals, part of a petting zoo, were able to hit the road when their caretaker left the pen gate open. Casper, not unfamiliar with going on the lam after two prior breakouts, led the way closely followed by his partner-in-crime.

I love how the guy recording this is making sounds to call them over to him, while never missing a beat with the filming. Not shown in this video were the two animal keepers running down the street after them, wearing jumpsuits and trying to lasso them. A story with a happy ending, the animals were taken into protective custody and are being relocated through the witness protection program, to a new home somewhere in Jersey. It's where all captured criminals eventually end up.

Best story of the week.
All that was missing was a unicorn.
Or eight tiny reindeer.


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