Monday, November 12, 2012

Sniglisms: Part 2

So it sure has been an eventful week. Some of us are still bouncing back from the hurricane, and we are all recuperating from the election. Whether your chosen candidate won or lost, chances are you are dealing better with the aftermath than Eric Hartsburg.

Hartsburg is a pro-wrestler from Indiana who, for a reason I cannot imagine, decided to auction off space on his face. As luck would have it, the winning bid required him to get a Romney-Ryan logo tattoo. A Romney supporter, he didn't have a problem with the tattoo before the election. After...well, he seems resigned to be a supporter for life. Wonder how his wife feels about it. He didn't tell her about the tattoo until an hour before he got it. And you wonder where all the great guys have gone.

In other news, they held the World Pole Dancing Championships this past weekend in Switzerland. Pole Dancing Championships. Did you ever? While the Chinese, with their circus experience in pole dancing, were expected to top the competition, it was not to be. Instead it was the Russian and Ukraine women who were the acrobatic wonders of the contest. Now I don't think they are famous for their circus pole dancing, perhaps they honed their pole dancing skills some other way. Could be all that glitter does bring gold. 


  1. Is it any wonder the best mail order brides all come from Russia and the Ukraine?? It shouldn't be, not with those kinds of mad skillz

  2. ok, so I won't ask about your knowledge of mail order brides...but I am damn curious.

  3. LMAO!!!

    Okay, dude offering up space on his face. I mean, seriously?! What in the hell was he thinking? Wonder how long his wife stays now that she has to kiss the Romney/Ryan logo every night before falling asleep. I just looked up his picture online because I had to take a look at him and yikes. It's even bigger than I thought!


    I would love to see clips of this pole dance competition. How do you realize you have "the gift"?

  4. I think Huffington might have some pix not sure about vid. Don't know how they know they have the gift, but I sure know at my age, I don't. LOL