Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saying Thanks on Veterans Day

November 11, Veterans Day.

Today we take the time to say thank you. Time of war or time of peace, doesn't matter; the sacrifice of  our Veterans and their families cannot be overstated. Life, blood, time...these are the things given freely by our servicemen and women. The lucky ones have only given their time.

Much has changed since servicemen returning from the Vietnam War were harassed and spit on. Most of those men were drafted into service, most did not agree with the reasoning behind the war. But the country so thirsted for peace, anything or anyone linked to the war was looked upon with contempt.

Thankfully, our returning Vets today are treated with the respect and honor they deserve. The price they pay however, has never been higher. Long deployments, one after another, take their toll on the mental, physical and emotional being of these soldiers. And the families they leave behind, go through their own kind of hell.

As you go about your day, take a minute or two and think of the men and women who have served our country. Think of all you take for granted everyday: a normal life, a life of safety, a life of freedom. Think of all they have sacrificed, the important moments they have missed, the memories they wish they could forget.

Think of these things and say Thanks.



  1. got drafted in72,Canada was not an option for me.had to go,was against war.that did not matter to people.we were called child killers,rapists&murderers along with other choice words.thanks Kathi&thanks to all vets,past present&future