Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Preparation: Make a List...or Not

Do you guys realize this Thursday is Thanksgiving?  oops, my bad. oh yeah and I'm cooking too. shit.

It would seem that I am not quite as prepared for this holiday as one might hope. While I may not be in the state of readiness I would like, I've done it enough times to think it will come out ok. After all, it's just family, they are well aware I am not perfect and are only to happy to point it out.

I have the bird, some sides, a little of this and one or two of that...just not the whole package. And I haven't made a list. And my brain is another year older and a lot more airy than it was a year ago, when I did have a list.

Blame it on the hurricane.

Normally we have Thanksgiving in the Poconos. Whoever shows, shows. They stay overnight, a couple of days or the whole weekend. A lot of work, but fun. This year the hurricane meant we lost power up there, so we missed a weekend, plus we knew we weren't going up this past weekend. Which meant we lost a lot of prep time to get the house ready for the influx. Instead of stressing and trying to get everything done in too short a time period, we punted. Decided to have the dinner in Jersey instead. Cook at our house, eat next door at my Mom's. No overnight guests. No thirty-five loads of laundry. No cleaning before and after. Just cooking.

Piece of cake.

I think I remembered to bring home from the Poconos the essentials: mega roasting pan, cheesecloth, assorted spices and items I only use on Thanksgiving. I'll find out sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon whether in fact, I did. Tomorrow, I'll be at the specialty market first thing in the morning to pick up the ground sausage meat with sage, which makes the stuffing so damn good, and all the vegetables I need. Having a list would be a good idea, but for some reason, I just haven't been able to write one.

This is not the best way to get ready for a holiday dinner, of that I am fully aware. But this year...it is what it is. We will cook, we will serve, we will eat. And with this year there being so many who have so little, we will be thankful.

And stuffed. Can't wait.
Wish I made a list.




  1. Bet I know why this year is a little tough. Sorry Kat. Know that he'll always be with you no matter what. Thinking about ya and hoping you have a wonderful holiday with the fam.

  2. Thanks A, yeah I think he's definitely one reason I can't seem to pull it together. But life goes on. Thanks and wishing the same for you and yours. xo


  3. I am sure all will turn out just fine Kat.......

    Family,Food,Booze and memories a great day.

    And BTW lists are for Rookies....LOL xo

    Happy Thanksgiving Sisita xo

    1. ...and for the old and infirm. We still Rock though. No retreat, no surrender.

  4. Best wishes for your Happy Thanksgiving, Kat. Thanks for sharing with us, and I look forward to more.

  5. Thanks Sean, enjoy your feasts a-plenty tomorrow. see you when you awaken from the food coma.

  6. we got the basics,turkey,stuffing&booze.pour me another one please