Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'm not in a good mood.

Actually, it's more than a mood. I am not in a good place. It comes and goes, and though band-aids do cover up the wounds, there are always reminders left behind. Emotionally this has been a hard year, my father's illness and death topping the list.

It's also been a year of new adventures. Sometimes you can learn a lot about yourself as you jump into unknown waters. Getting older makes taking those leaps a little more difficult, but much more rewarding. Let's just say I have learned a lot about myself. Some things I like, some I don't.

We are now in the middle of November, getting close to the holidays. The time of the year for a life retrospective. The time of the year to look ahead and decide which adventures are worth pursuing and which ones have become obsolete.

As for the present, a night out in the City tonight. A night of music. Nothing else rights my world more than listening to live music. So look for a decidedly lighter tone in tomorrow's blog.

And maybe a walk in the sunshine today, always a good way to blow out the dark spaces...

and breathe.