Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in Black, Baby

She's gone, she's gone. Replaced by a hotter chick.

The mini-van adventure is over. On Wednesday, I finally obtained the accident report from the police. It took a damn week and would have taken longer if I hadn't gone just a bit Jersey on them. It seemed the report was ready, but the Captain who had been on duty the night the idiot woman blew a tire, lost control of her car and hit the only damn car parked on the entire street, well the Captain needed to sign off on the report and he wasn't scheduled in until Friday night. Seriously, WTF?

Considering no work to repair my car could be done until the police report would reveal the name of the other insurance company and we could get their adjuster to take a look at it, waiting until the weekend was unacceptable. A little attitude, a little begging for sympathy and two hours later, the report was ready.

Out the door to drive the half hour to pick it up and drop it off at the body shop where, while talking to these wonderful people about the mini-van thing, the lovely Nicole mentioned someone had just picked up their repaired car and brought back a 2013 Ford want it? Hell yeah. She made every phone call: to my insurance, to the other woman's insurance, to my rental company to the new rental company. Within ten minutes we were outside pulling my items of out the mini-van and stopping at the new rental company. Ten minutes after that, I was driving a 4-wheel drive car once again.

They say I should have my car back in two weeks. At least until then I'm rolling in a car that has a little attitude. And no sliding doors.

Like I always say...the joy's in the ride.



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