Monday, January 7, 2013

Can You Say Crazy Cat Lady?

The British are just so much more polite than we Americans are. Across the pond, as they say, if someone does something really freakin' stupid, do they say "What the fuck is wrong with you" as we would over here. Or maybe that's just me, but whatever, no they would not. They would say something like "Well, that's interesting but I'm not sure I would do that."

Case in point, this crazy cat lady who had the faces of her dead cats tattooed on her back. Yep. And at last count, there were five little kitties inked permanently. Plus, they had accessories: a dunce cap on one, another wears a monocle. Really, a monocle.

By the way, this woman is only twenty-three. I predict a lot of one-night stands with the lights definitely OFF.    Because...
photo from Wales News Service

Zeeks. That's naked that shouldn't be.

Anyway, the comments in the online newspaper where this was posted, ranged from "a complete catastrophe" to "What a wonderful thing to do for those cats" to "A nice memory I suppose, but not for me."

Really? I'm sorry but I'm calling batshit crazy here.

How do I say that in British? Asking for a friend.



  1. More like CATSHIT crazy! HAHAHAHAhahaha... Yeah, that's messed up

  2. I can't speak for Britain, but here in Trinidad & Tobago we'd say, "She damn mad!"

    ...Among other things.

  3. I like it, keeping for future reference.