Monday, January 14, 2013

FaceBook: I Am Not Your Friend

About a week ago I did something which still sends chills up my spine every time I think about it...

I started a personal FaceBook page. ugh.

Now, I have had a FB page for Kat's Theory for a little while, but that was as a brand...not a person. All I basically have on there are my blogs, and other stuff I've written that is published online. Fine, not much was just a tool. But then I started writing at, and they have a group FB page where they throw ideas around, discuss any issues which may come up and basically make fun of each other. Well, dammit, I was missing out on all that fun because of the type of page I had. So I gave in. ugh.

Now, while I have enjoyed the interaction with my fellow Sprockets, holy shit, who are all these people I don't know wanting to be my friend?

I hate FB, though hate is really not a strong enough word. Just how invasive it is astounds me every day. While it has been nice to reconnect with a few people I lost track of along the way, friends of friends of friends, and friends of acquaintances...well, I'm not interested and I really don't have the time to sift through family pictures, advice and gossip of people I don't know.

So people, here are Kat's Rules for FB:

  1. If I don't know you, I'm not gonna be your friend.
  2. Even if I do know you, I may not be your friend. I am basically on FB for one reason, unfortunately a lot of crap comes along with it. For my personal sanity, I need to keep it at a minimum.
  3. If I am your friend, don't expect a lot of interaction. I may like something if it's humorous or interesting to me, but there will be no commenting on your kids snow pictures, family vacations or what level you are up to in Farmland. 
I don't mean to be rude, that is not my intention. I'm just really not all that interested in FB or people who have a connection to me three times removed. And you shouldn't be interested in me either. Trust me, there's not going to be anything juicy on my FB page.

And honestly, I don't think you would really "Like" me all that much anyway.
Thank you and have a nice day.



  1. Replies
    1. he keeps saying we have the same brain. I'm ok with that as long as that's the only body part where we have similarities.

  2. I'm hypocrite

    I hate teh book o face. I think Zuckerberg is a scumbag, and the medium is tired, lame, and creepy. a soon to be published writer, the book of all the faces is a must. even more than the twitter, which I love. also, I have to be able to interact with the sprockets, whom I also dig the mostest...also, my wife likes me being on it.

    so...hi, pot, I'm kettle

    1. what I hate the most... I sent out a friend request to my best friend, before she even responded, I was given a list of all her friends to see if I wanted to be friends with them too. How is that right?

      yes, it is fun hanging with the sprockets, and nice plug for the soon to be published book.

  3. oy more shit to hear u bitch about.comes with territory xo