Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mini Van and Cone Head

Well, let's just say the new year is not quite the barrel of monkeys I had hoped it would be. Ok, so I really didn't want it to be a barrel of monkeys, I'm actually not a fan of monkeys...whatever.

In April, I did a few posts about the need for a new car, the search for a new car and finally the purchase (yay) of a new car. It was lovely, even has heated seats, which are just wonderful. Well today that new car sits in a body shop waiting for someone to replace various pieces of her once pristine body.

The story goes like this. Had a business meeting last night and when I came out, my car was not quite in the condition I had seen it three hours earlier. It seems a woman had a flat/blowout, lost control of her car and smacked into mine. I haven't seen the accident report yet, but she must have been turning off the main road onto this side street where there probably wasn't ANY OTHER CAR PARKED, and with all this empty space all around...bam, right into the Subaru. What are the odds on that?

Back bumper, quarter panel, wheel, tire and side mirror...smashed. For the life of me I can't understand how neither the front or back doors weren't hit, but the side view mirror was demolished. And did I happen to mention the dog was scheduled for surgery this morning at nine? Oh yeah, there's that.

It's now nine at night and there's all the phone calls to make. Arrange for the car in the morning...they would pick me up but since they were closed already my insurance company recommended I go there in the morning to be sure I got the car in time to take the dog. Still with me? Closest one is in the next town about a mile and a half away. So the morning started off with a nice walk to get a ride. My choices, a Fiat which I could fit in my purse, a couple of compacts and a mini van. God help me, but I need the room. We have a big dog and a lot of stuff which gets transported back and forth from the weekend house.

I took the mini van.

You get no respect when you drive a mini van. You can actually feel people giving the "ha, you're driving a mini van" look. It does however have a good stereo system. It does not however, do anything for my image.

Got the dog to the vet, surgery went well and as you can see in the picture, she is looking quite spiffy in her headgear.

Better than I look in a mini van. It's gonna be a long couple of weeks.


  1. Kat..I will make sure I am sporting my mom jeans when you pick me up in your mini van...Oy Vey !

  2. It's very sad. I think I might have to wear my big hair for a couple of weeks.

  3. I feel for you. Get 2000 Mom finally buys a new car, a Hyundai Accent. (had to go with the price and warrenty over coolness) She has it three weeks, she hits a pot hole aka crater that opened up with a huge rain storm just that evening. (It took out 6 cars) Result: new tire and rim. OH, JOY! About 6wks late, we get a call from the local police telling us the car has been hit. She'd been home 10min and some idiot with a car that is almost all dents hits her car while it is parked on the road. Result new bumper, tail light and rear quarter panel. This goes on for YEARS!!!! There was even a lawsuit that Mom won. Finally the 11yrs old car dies (yeah!!). She buys an adorable Honda Fit. Great little car, bright blue so everyone should see it.Right? Three weeks later, we are in Walmart parking lot and the idiot picking up a looonnnggg row of carriages hit the car. Result: $1300 in damage, a huge fight with Walmart before turning it over to our insurance to handle it. Finally resolved...yeah!! Two months ago, Mom bought new sandles and wore them out to run errands. Came home and hit the fence (sigh). New sandles slipped off and got stuck so she couldn't hit brake. Result: New sandles thrown in back of closet and $1600 in paid. (for the car not the shoes) My point of all this, don't feel bad. You are not alone. My wish for you is no accidents for the life of the car. Phew!!! Hugs from RI....Cathy G.

    1. omg, I really don't feel too bad now. thanks for stopping by Cathy.

  4. yeah,im thrilled driving in town&country van.gotta break out bellbottoms&blue suede shoes.maybe a members only jacket.Dog has a fucking cone on her head,minivan,oh joy.AT least we got wheels.Anyone got a cool fake beard i can borrow?