Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beyond Beyonce

Enough already with  BeyonceGate. She did, she didn't...who the hell cares.

Seriously people, it's time to get a grip. Did she sell government secrets to the Russians? Did she beat the crap out of Jay-Z in a domestic dispute? Did she even have a wardrobe malfunction? NO.

Ok, it was the inauguration and others sang live, so what. We should all be pretty used to lip-syncing. Whitney doing the anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl...yeah. And that performance has been held as the gold standard ever since.

All you kids who pay a lot of money to see those dance acts who think they are singers, you know the chart toppers these you really think there are no backtracks they sing with, while they are trying to dance? And how about using auto-tune...because most of these "stars" really can't sing live. Don't get me started on that shit.

So stop with this Beyonce scandal. Most likely she did what is the norm...sang live over a recorded track. Big freakin' deal. Would it have been more of a story if she sang it live and didn't hit one of those notes...ah yes, we would be watching that non-stop on the news.

THE NEWS...yes, but this is not news.

Yesterday there was another shooting at a college, people all over the country are dealing with a bitter cold spell, many innocent people were killed in Algeria and this country is focused on whether or not Beyonce sang live.

America, wake the fuck up.



  1. while I'm not gripping or griping about it, I do hate lip syncing. It's lying. The greatest performers in each art didn't play recorded tracks, recycle jokes, paint the same canvasas. etc.

    I don't really care. I mean people seemed happy with everything during the inauguration. But James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson sang live and did well. Why can's Mrs. Z?

    again, it's no big deal. But lip syncing says something about art or a lack of it.

    good post

  2. don't get me wrong, I hate it too. I just don't think it needs to be a national scandal. and don't we have more important things to talk about in this country? hmm, apparently not.

  3. So true. It's amazing what constitutes as "news" anymore.

    1. I fear this will be with us a few more days, at least.

  4. who really cares,we have serious issues in this about helping folks who lost everything behind sandy