Friday, June 15, 2012

An Animal Tale

Friday...getaway day. But not so fast. First had to take my mother to the oncologist...things seem to be good in that department, do banking for another cousin who is hospitalized, Shop Rite, bread store, gas, vegetable store and... a quick pop into CVS.

I really only needed some Advils for my ever present stress headache, but let's see what else is on sale. Now if I had remembered when I was in Shop Rite this excursion would be unnecessary, however let's face it, my brain is on overdrive these days.  Add in all those brain cells I've killed along the way...well, what was I saying?

Anyway, I ended up in the snack aisle...who doesn't? Now it's lunchtime, I know I have nothing in the house to eat, the food for the weekend is on ice in the car...just grab a bag of pretzels or something.  Passing the cookies, I see the old familiar box of Nabisco Animal Crackers. You know the one that looks like a circus car and has the string handle. Gee, I haven't had animal crackers in a really long time, why not.

Then I saw the price. Are you kidding me? $2.57 for a box of animal crackers. Shit, on sale in Shop Rite I can buy a whole bag of Oreo's (the most perfect cookie ever invented) for $2.50. Has the world really gone this insane? Of course, they are on a shelf which is low enough so every little kid that passes it will ask mommy to buy it. At $2.57. Crazy.

Needless to say, I bought some honey wheat pretzels and went on my way. As I am writing this. that bag of pretzels is getting empty. I just looked at the number of servings in this bag...3.5 oops my bad. Probably not the best lunchtime choice, but who the hell cares.

It's Friday, heading out to the lake and the mountain, a music night tomorrow and a chance to recharge those  brain cells that are only damaged..

I think I ate too many pretzels.


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  1. $2.57?! I'm gonna blame that on Mitt Romney :)