Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Talking Baseball: Yankees Baby

Haven't talked baseball for a while, so let's catch up.

I am a Yankees fan...there I've said it. Yes, I hate the Red Sox...as I've said before, they can all go suck an egg. I have been a Yankees fan since...well let's just say, Ron Guidry was not only a smokin' hot pitcher, but damn that man looked hot in those pinstripes.

Yes, I take winning as a god given right.
We are the Damn Yankees after all.

The Yanks are currently on a 10 game, yes count them 10 game winning streak. Three sweeps plus one. One of those sweeps was against the NY Mets. Now I live with a Mets fan, so interleague play can get a bit....shall we say testy. He was not at all amused as I brought out the broom after the last subway series. Well, he can suck an egg too.  Yankees Rule.

And have I mentioned, our closer...you know the greatest closer of all time, is out for the season. Yes, we are doing all of this without Mariano Rivera. nice.  It's called stepping up to the plate. Suck it up and get the job done.

I am painfully aware we are not even at the All-Star break, and anything can happen. But, what the hell...time to crow.

This weekend the Mets and Yanks face each other again. Don't expect another sweep, but I will keep my broom handy, just in case.

A woman and her broom...a witch.
Or, what's that other word it rhymes with....yeah that's me.

Go Yanks.



  1. Not a baseball fan myself (well, where I stay we play cricket..say no more) but an entertaining and humorous piece anyway...

  2. go to early 70s biatch.have some respect.Shit sorry forgot u r a yank fan.