Saturday, June 9, 2012

Victoria's Newest Secret

For the last few months, I have been receiving coupons in the mail from Victoria's Secret. $10 off any bra, so much off a specific dollar amount and oh yes...a coupon for a free pair of panties. Free, as in nada, nothing, take 'em and walk I like free. I do no longer like Victoria's Secret however.

Now there was a day when I would walk in and purchase an item or five. Those days, like the great woolly mammoth are long gone. Mainly, I can't get past all the garish colors. Occasionally, you will find me in a color other than black or grey, as in blue jeans or jewel-tone sweaters...but hot pink has never been in my wardrobe.

And then there's the prints. They give me a headache. Don't like them, don't wear them, I don't even want to see them.

So venturing into VS for any reason that will cost me money is not something I choose to do with any frequency.  But there is that FREE coupon. So the past few months the free coupon has expired before I had a chance to get to the mall to redeem it. Yesterday I found myself in a mall, with my coupon...all ready for a quick VS in and out procedure.

Since the coupon was for a specific type of panty, I just thought I would ask the cashier where I could find the free "booty."  Well, much to my surprise the female cashier was flanked by two guys, working on god knows what, but doing it while holding women's underwear. Since when did they start hiring young, tall, good looking men to work in a women's lingerie shop? Huh.

I asked one of the young men where I could find my freebie and he walked around the counter and escorted me the the right ones. Well how about that service. And as I picked out the color which most suited, I was thinking about whether VS is now in the hook-up business. I mean these guys gotta get hit on on a daily, if not hourly basis. All these young...and a few older women coming in looking for sexy undergarments, asking questions to the male sales help. And who are these guys desiring to work there? interesting new phenomenon has occurred.

After the female cashier asked if the free panties were the only thing I wanted today and I answered "yes," she kind of sneered at me. I couldn't care less. She wrapped my no-cost item in pink tissue paper and placed it in a tiny VS pink shopping bag. Done. In and out in five minutes.

Leaving the store, I wondered if this new guy selling underwear thing is in all the stores, or if I was just lucky to find the perfect one. I think I need to find out.

This may take some time and effort, but it's all in the name of research.

I hope they send me another free coupon next month.



  1. Ok good looking hunks in vs store?my other gushing,hint of jealousy?maybe i can get a job there.Nah,happy with mine

  2. Sure Freddie, that's more rewarding any day than fitting babes for their bras :) Let me go check my mail ...

  3. Sure Freddie, that's more rewarding any day than fitting babes for their bras :) Let me go check my mail ...

    1. hope you get lucky...and get a coupon.