Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Shut Up

As I write this, I am sitting in my doctor's waiting room and typing this on my iPhone. Any typos are not mine...I'm gonna blame it on autocorrect.

Now, my doctor is always behind schedule, so it was no surprise to see that I would be waiting awhile.

Walking in, I notice a man and woman talking from across the room. Actually he was the one talking while she basically listening. It took me quite by surprise to realize this was the man I was waiting for my entire life. He was...the man who knows everything.

I sat down and tried hard not to listen but it was no use, he was so loud and annoying you could not tune him out. And of course my earbuds were at home He ranted on about everything from germs, medical drugs, the Kennedy's, legionnaires disease, the longevity of roaches, bedbugs, and rats, to climate change and the inability of the human body to adapt...all on 15 minutes.

This woman who apparently made a major faux pas by indulging him in the first place, could manage one or two words before he started again. Now I view my time in a waiting room as if I was on a plane. Avoid eye contact, keep your head down and look busy

Well, he has just announced the Dr. Is an hour behind schedule. Since I need to be out of here in 50 minutes, it looks like I may be skipping out on this appointment.

He has now been on a roll for close to 45 minutes. If I don't leave soon, I may stab him in the eye.


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