Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baseball Playoffs: October Rules

So here's what I love about baseball...EVERYTHING.

Right after football winds down and you are in the middle of a god-awful winter, you start to hear little chirps. A trade, or your pitcher who had surgery is starting to toss the ball...just little peeps. Then you mark your calender for P's and C's (pitchers and catchers) reporting to camp. Little by little, you inch your way to Spring Training. YAY.

Years ago, there were never any televised Spring Training games. But now, where there is revenue to be made, there is media. Now Spring Training games are far from exciting. Maybe an inning or two of your veterans and the rest of the game is filled with guys wearing very high numbers on their backs, who haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of making the team. So you watch a few innings, because you are a junkie and you haven't had a fix since October.

Then, just when you and the players are sick of meaningless's Opening Day. YAY. We now have 162 games to savor. Granted not all of them will be exciting, some will be downright painful to watch, but it's still baseball. The beauty of the field, the ballparks and let's not forget those hot guys in tight uniforms :) ...but I digress.

For those who say the game is boring, I say... learn the game. Not know the rules...learn the game. It is anything but. These days when most everything about the game is based on statistics and rating systems, once in a while you get a classic moment when a manager listens to his gut. Last night in the Yankees-Baltimore game, there was one of those moments.

Bottom of the ninth, one out. Perennial whipping boy Alex Rodriguez is due up at bat. Arod, not exactly lighting up the scoreboard as of late, is pulled by manager Joe Girardi, in favor of 40 year old Raul Ibanez. Two pitches later, the score is tied as Ibanez hit one out of the park. In a move that showed a good deal of class, Arod was the first teammate on the steps of the dugout congratulating Ibanez.

Fast forward to the 12th inning. And guess who comes out to bat again...Raul Ibanez. And yes, another home run to win the game. YAY. Are you kidding me...they make movies out of shit like this.

Tonight we play game four. Hopefully the Yanks will finish the O's and I pray the game will end before midnight.  Then we can on to the next series and keep playing baseball while the frost is forming on the pumpkins.

As Mr. Fogerty sang so sweetly...

"Just to hit the ball and touch 'em all, a moment in the sun
It's gone and you can tell that one goodbye"

...Play Ball.



  1. Walk-offs in the post-season are always fun for the winners, and few moments over the lengthy regular season match them for intensity.

    The Cardinals have never beaten the Orioles in the World Series, so that *would* be fun, but I'd settle for yet another match-up of the two winningest franchises in World Series history ;)

    12 in 12!!

  2. Well the battle cry around here is #27andcounting and yes it would be fun. My Dad was a huge birds fan, we even caught a game in the old Busch Stadium when we were kids. We lost him in August, so watching the Cards play in the post season is a little bittersweet for me. I'm rooting for them...unless they meet the #1 most winningest franchise. He would expect nothing less.

  3. old Gipp must be smiling in came back&move on.yanks won 5th game&moved on.too bad jeets got hurt last of team must get their heads right&start hitting.would be nice to see cards& yanks in WS.sorry Gipp go yanks