Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh Sandy Girl...Hurricane Watch Begins

So this is how it's going to be for the next five, count 'em, days. Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, sports, Sandy, Sandy.

As I watched the NY local news at 4:30 this morning, every station had a reporter out on some beach talking about the the hurricane. The storm, Hurricane Sandy, is not predicted to hit this area until Monday-Tuesday. Every station. A beach. Four-thirty in the the dark.

There were no winds blowing sand in the reporter's faces (one of my personal favorites), no shots of the surf eroding the beach, there was NOTHING. It's four freakin' thirty and pitch black. So what is the point of dragging every low level reporter in town out of bed at some ungodly hour to stand on a the dark.

And, it's just beginning. As the storm pulls into south Florida, our local news will be teaming up with the Miami affiliates and we will see their reporters standing on the beach looking around, showing the waves begin to rise, the idiots still trying to surf and the stranded tourists who thought it would be a kick to experience a damn hurricane.

Already they are putting everyone into panic mode. I need to go to Shop Rite later for my usual weekend shopping trip. It's gonna be a zoo. The store manager is sure to have a smile on his face as he sees the pallets  of bottled water go sailing out of the store. Big news.

At some point, I'm sure they will send a reporter out to cover it.

Most likely before the store opens.



  1. milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, batteries, and beer...get it now...GO

    Stay safe if it reaches you up there in a bad way. seriously.

  2. Thanks, TP is always on this list, just got the beer. That's the staples. Out to PA for the weekend, then back in Jersey for the fun. wahoo

  3. That happens here if the forecast calls for a dusting of snow. Simmer down people!

    On another front (see what I did there?) I'm loving the cloud porn from this post! That's a great shot :)

  4. cloud porn...nice. just got back from the store...there's another post waiting to be written.

  5. Crazy isn't it? They're calling for snow it was 80 degrees yesterday. Snow?? WTH??? Not a happy camper here.... :(

  6. it's just crazy. at least there will be plenty to write about.