Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cleaning the Pipes and Assorted Other Things

The plumber was coming today. Clean the drains, install a new kitchen faucet, a couple of odds and ends. Of course that meant I had to clean the bathroom, clean out everything under the kitchen sink and make everything look presentable. We all do this. God forbid this man comes over to snake out a drain and the shower is less than spotless. And, we know full well that we will be cleaning it again as soon as he leaves.

Now I do not have a cleaning person other than myself. But I do hear from everyone I know who has one that they clean the house before the cleaning person comes over. And they are paying these people to clean, right?

There is something in the human nature that tells you: You can live like a slob as long as no one else sees it. But as soon as there is the possibility of another human being having the opportunity to pass judgement on your cleanliness, we look around the house with a more critical eye.

Now the world of plumbing is not a pretty one. My plumber is third generation and let's just say, thrilled with doing it for over 30 years, he is not. But at this stage of his life, I am sure he is unwilling to give up the comfort factor of a thriving business, even if that business well...stinks.

Now I have a kitchen faucet which no longer leaks and a shower drain free of all that gross, ugly stuff which gets caught in it. And, I have another room in the house cleaned.

I also have a manicure which looks like it was nibbled on by wild wolves.

I think I need a cleaning person.
On second thought, I don't think my house is clean enough to let one come in.

Why is life so complicated?


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