Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Beer, A Laptop And A Waste Of Time

Just cracked open a beer, grabbed the laptop and went up to the bedroom to start doing some research for an interview I need to get together. Or, I might just take a nap. Those were my two options when I walked up the stairs; apparently there was another I hadn't counted on...writing a blog post.

I didn't sleep well last night, so that could account for why a nap seems so appealing right now. Or, it could be the hour and a half of weeding in the humid morning air. Followed by laundry, vacuuming, wiping down the interior and cleaning the windows of the car.

A thunderstorm stopped me from actually washing the car... which was fine by me. At least the wind and rain has cooled everything down for the time being. If the sun decides to reappear, it will get real ugly, real fast.

I have been procrastinating on the research. The timing which will work the best for the artist is closer to when her new CD drops in September. This is always a problem for me as I always work best under pressure. Too much time, means I will take most of it, then do what I always did in school...cram. Unfortunately, sometimes it also means I have too many irons in the fire at the same time and bam...worlds collide. Then it's time to juggle.

Since I've been writing this, a nap seems less likely. Which means it's time to start my research.  Did I mention, I hate doing research. Writing off the top of your head is so much easier and so much more fun.  But every once in a while that thing called discipline needs to kick in. Looks like today is the day for me.

Unless it dries out a little outside, then a walk around the lake is a possibility. Then, maybe a nap. What I need is an intern to do the research, then I could swoop in like Superwoman, take all the info and write the greatest interview of all time.

Then take a nap

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