Sunday, July 15, 2012

Asking For Help: It's An Animal Thing

Time to try to do a little good today. Take it for what it is.

If you know me, you know my love for animals, especially dogs and horses. If you don't know me, look at the picture. Her name is Hershey and she is a rescued treasure. Years ago if you adopted an animal out of a shelter, they were called strays. In this politically correct world, they are now called rescues. It's one of the few PC statements I agree with. The only question is who rescues who?

So here it is. As we all know, the economy is still in the toilet. The fact remains many humane shelters across the country are facing a losing battle in receiving the funding necessary to keep them up and running. One of these shelters is the Pike Country Humane Society in northeast Pennsylvania.

We have a weekend place in the Poconos and over the years, I have read with alarming frequency just how badly the PCHS has struggled year after year. The state cuts funding every year and just like everything else, costs increase dramatically. The PCHS has not been sitting back on their hands and doing nothing. They have come up with some of the most creative fundraisers you could think of. But right now, it is not enough.

The Pike County Humane Society will need to close its doors in three weeks, unless they receive enough donations to be able to continue. Director Barry Heim said "In the last year, we have taken in 50 percent more animals due to the economy, because people are losing their jobs, their homes, and end up having to move to places where landlords don't allow animals."

The PCHS was founded in 1963 and has a 93.6 percent adoption rate. These people do good work and need some

Let's see what we can do.

If you can donate there are two ways.
Pike County Humane Society
PO #255
Milford, PA 18337
or online at:

IF you can't donate, please post this blog on your Facebook page or Tweet it or tell someone about it...please help to get the word out.

Animals are the best people...and they can't speak for themselves.
Help me do it for them.



  1. Where would we be without our "rescue" Louie!? Thanks to you and Freddie. After a movie with Julian today, we of course went in to visit the animals at a local shelter. They had just found a dalmation - just like Norton with brown spots. Anyway, I'll throw my few dollars into the pot and really hope for an angel investor to come through.

  2. a brown-spotted special. yes louie was a rescue, though he was a vagabond who liked life on the run. glad he has finally settled down. thanks for the support of a good cause.

  3. Brilliant cause. Posted it on my FB page...

  4. thanks mark...appreciate the support.