Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Dicking Around This Time

It's happened again. Another, shall we say...odd story has caught my attention.

I'm sorry, but is there really anyone out there who would not click on the story with a headline which reads "Man's Penis Stolen In His Sleep."

Seriously, this goes beyond being curious. The heart of this is just basic journalistic instinct...this story smells like a winner. According to the article, this Chinese man had been playing around with a few too many of the local women, and the local men were a little pissed off about it. Result: a middle of the night slice and dice...ouch. And seeing as the police and emergency workers were unable to locate said penis... it looks like his little friend is gone for good.

Now this story is right behind the one about the man with the world's largest penis being detained at the airport because security thought he might be...packing. Well, apparently he was...just nothing illegal. Airport screeners tried as delicately as they could to frisk this guy without touching anything...not an easy task when this man is on record as being the world's "big boy."

What does this all mean? I have no idea. Life is getting more and more insane. Lately there are more and more crazy stories about things that are probably best left unsaid. Just not by me.

Shit, I need to post a photo with this blog...this could be interesting.



  1. However- in this world of negative news, do the insane stories not keep us sane...

  2. ...i know they keep me smiling, but i could still be insane. you decide.