Monday, July 30, 2012

I Don't Like Mondays: So Who The Hell Does

So, let's talk about Mondays.

Yes, yes, we all agree..they suck. Unless your profession forces you to work weekends, no one looks forward to Monday. The word alone is boring. Monday...mundane. It fits. It also means you have to drag your ass out of the bed, shower, get ready and go to work...all while your body is still in a "sleep-in-why-don't-you-it's-the-weekend"  mode.

Now Friday and Saturday nights are traditionally the fun nights. Sunday is the day to recoup. As you get a little, ok a lot day to recover is not nearly enough. These days, for some reason, Sunday is not so much a problem. It's the next day...Monday when it really hits the fan.

Kind of like when we change the clocks for daylight savings time. The next day (Sunday) is fine...but the second day (Monday of course) leaves you barely coherent for most of the day. It's not like we've traveled across the globe going through time's one freakin' hour. On any given night, don't we all get one more or one less hour of sleep regularly? Then what gives with the changing of the clocks.

Personally, I think it's a Monday conspiracy.

The only time Monday is really enjoyable is if you are on vacation...preferably in some comfy hotel bed and you wake up and realize almost everyone you know is A) Getting ready for work, B) Already in work or C) Cursing you out.  Usually it's a combination of A+C or B+C...but C is a definite.

Working from home means I do need to get out of bed...but the shower and get ready part, while mandatory, can ease off until a bit later. The dog walk sadly...cannot.

It is now 8:05, time to get into the workday. Time to hit Monday straight on and start thinking about...the weekend.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...too many days. Need to do something about this Monday thing. Three day weekends could be the answer. Apparently the business world didn't get the memo on that.

At the very least, Monday's should begin around 11 AM.  Lunch at noon.

Sort of like Congress.

Have a nice  (Mon)day.

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