Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Melting....

Is it just me, or is everyone starting to get a bit testy from the heat?

I am not a hot weather girl. I am not a cold weather girl either. Perfect for me would be 70 degrees, no humidity and a little breezy. I love windy days. Does such a place exist...well if it does, it certainly ain't close to Jersey.

Now I know this heatwave is all over the country and everyone is suffering and I should just suck it up like the rest of you. Well, that would be just fine except for the fact that I write a blog or two...and that gives me the right to bitch. It's practically a mandate.

So this past winter was mild with no snow. Was kind of hoping summer would be a bit cooler than usual. But, no. Hitting ninety seems to be the norm lately. And of course the AC in the bedroom decided to take an extended lunch break. A problem with a sensor I think, it happened a year or so ago, and I wrote down the sequence to restart it. Unfortunately, my handwriting is closer to hieroglyphics and I can't read it. So this morning there will be a phone call to the manufacturer, which will take me on a path of talking to a computer, holding, transferring to another computer and eventually a my end. ugh

Normally I am not a moody person. Bitchy, for sure...but not moody. What I am however, is increasingly short-tempered. I can go from 0-190 in about three seconds. Pretty it is not. Heat and the current stress level in my life has made me a little...cranky.

Just a warning. As the temperatures rise today, and I am forced to leave my climate controlled cocoon, there may be more than just the weather heating up.

And to those who say there's no such thing as global warming...I would usually say "go suck an egg," but today I'll say "go fry an egg."

...on the sidewalk.

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