Friday, April 20, 2012

Aggravation At The Supermarket: Again

Went to Shop Rite again...and it happened again.

It wasn't crowded at all and proceeding to the checkout line, I strategically pick a line in the middle of the pack. Now in an earlier post "The Shop Rite Saga", I told the story of how idiotic the cashier protocol is, pertaining to voids and getting change. Well, the more things change...

There is one woman in front of me who is almost finished bagging her order. But wait, there's a problem. Damn. Now we gotta wait for the magical woman with the key to make everything all right. And we wait.

Ok, she's done, here we go. Check out, all goes well. Credit or debit? Debit yes, and let me take out just an extra $20. TWENTY...not $50, not $75, not $100...$20.  She does not have $20 in her drawer. Seriously...are you freakin' kidding me? How do you not have $20 in your drawer? I would have gladly just walked away without it, but it has already come out of my account. Or I could void it...and still need to wait for the magical woman with the key.

Ten minutes...I swear to took ten minutes to get my $20. And it's amazing at times like this, you can actually feel your blood pressure rise. Just when you think you are about ready to stroke-out...they bring you the money.

Fine, I'll just go out the door and collapse in the parking lot.
It has to be Happy Hour somewhere...please lead me to it.


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