Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking For Signs In All The Wrong Places

Must have really pissed off the powers that be happens.

The day began normally enough.Tweets, texts, IMs, emails...a little work, a lot of music. Damn, no wonder I get tired. But I digress.

The ride up to the weekend house was an easy drive, kids off from school means a lot less cars on the road when we travel. Unload, unpack...time to hook up the new router to replace the one that crapped out last weekend. Now, IT is not my thing, but I hooked up the first one in 15 minutes, no problem. So when I pulled the new one out of the box, I didn't expect to be doing it an hour and a half later. Everything hooked up easily, it said I was connected, but no internet access.

After a while of cursing and losing my temper with those around me (not unusual), I call up my go-to person when I run into trouble. He offers a few suggestions, but at the end of the day, he says to call the tech support line. I hate doing that, but I cannot go through another weekend with only one computer connected and especially not having my iPhone hooked into wireless. So I look all over the directions and every piece of paper that comes with the phone number. Apparently it was on the box, but never looked at that until later.

Annoyed...and I haven't had any alcohol yet, I decide to use the iPhone to go to the website and get the phone number. Soon as I hit the internet button on the phone, it starts to connect to the router...hmm. Laptop number one, not yet. Start up laptop number two...yes. Ok, not sure what is happening but let me restart number one and see if works now...indeed it does.

Back to the real world...cyberspace. All the household technology is connected and I now have a beer in my hand. I'm hoping things are looking up.

This morning when I walk the dog, I see a heads-up penny in the street. Big deal you say...well normally I wouldn't give it a second look. But here in the lake community, you never see coins in the street. Everyone either drives or walks around in one ever carries money. So, I take it as a good luck omen and pick it up...thinking it might be really bad karma if I don't. Get back home and the "other" has found the crystal which broke off  the necklace I wear. hmmm, another piece of good luck.

Where's my mega million ticket, let me check it NOW. One freakin' number. 

So as much as I would like to believe all my good luck signs will actually turn into good luck, I guess it's just another day with small joys and medium sized disappointments. It still is Saturday, the sun is shining and the whole day awaits. Time to consider the possibilities and jump in.

Still, another few mega numbers would have been nice. Maybe the next drawing...



  1. Gotta love technology, huh! Great when it works!! Glad you figured it out on your own. I hate calling tech support too.

    Lets hope this weekend gets goin better for ya. It HAS to be better for me than last!! Can't get much worse than that one for me!

    Here's to a fabulous, music-filled, weekend for both of us!


  2. Indeed, your karma has to be better than last week. And, you're right, add some will definitely be better.

  3. hey,look at the bright side.Sun is shining,had some nice laughs this morning.You are 1 penny richer and the crystal will be fixed.Smile will be a good day!

  4. you are way too damn happy this morning for my liking.