Monday, April 16, 2012

Too Hot Too Quick Today

It used to be, summers were hot and winters were cold. It was what it was and you planned accordingly. Now the game has changed.

The fall began with a Halloween snowstorm dropping  2 feet of white stuff on the ground, and that was it. Oh, there was a dusting or two, but nothing as far as accumulation. And the temperatures, a bit of real cold here and there, but it sure as hell was not a Northeast winter.

Today, we are not even a month into Spring and the projected temperature is in the 86-90 degree range. Now my house has virtually no closet space, so like a lot of other people, every spring and fall you do the clothes changeover. Well, I did it at the weekend house, but So as I look at my winter coat hanging up along with gloves and hats, I'm thinking there will be an additional chore on my to-do-pretty-damn-quick list.

Or, I can just leave them there. The way things are going, it should be getting cold by what...July?

Just waiting on the seasons. And the ice cream truck.



  1. Nicely put. The weather is wacky to say the least. Here the winters used to be cold- now the morning are cold, but many of the days are pretty warm. Summers as well. We have had long spells of coldish weather....I guess welcome to global warming...MTC

  2. Global warming...? That's just a figment of our least that's what they tell us.

  3. black rasberry ice cream with chocolate chips.mid april,80 degrees.ok