Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day in Da Bronx

Ah yes. Opening Day at Yankee Stadium.

Well, I'm not actually in the stands. Right now I'm about 90 or so miles away, comfortably watching it from the sunroom of the weekend house. Nice.

Got up here last night, so waking up on the mountain was a great way to start the day. It started out colder than the middle of January, but soon enough the sun brought out the warmth of the day.

I was able to get a walk in before the start of the game. There's a different feeling in doing something fun on a weekday, that makes it even more enjoyable than on the weekend. As I reached the top of the first hill around the lake, the music shuffle played "Girl Can't Help It" by Journey.  The kiss of the sun on my face while listening to the voice of Steve Perry was delicious, to say the least.

Back in time to see just retired Yankee catcher Jorge Posada throw out the first pitch, I grabbed some pistachios and an early afternoon beer (hey it's a baseball game). Fourth inning now, we are up 4-0.

Just a lazy day..but so far, so good.
And it's technically not even the weekend yet.

Can it get any better?
Well there is a Mega Millions drawing tonight...


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