Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Night Of Music, But Wait...A Girl's Gotta Eat

As we always do, the drum-mamma (DM) and I looked forward to getting together, not only for the musical event we were attending but also the girl thing we have enjoyed for so many years. Yesterday was no different.

Coming from two different directions, we decided to meet at the venue early and play it by ear for eats and drinks...those two things are always high on the priority list. I arrived first, drove past the venue which is on a side street and found on-street parking at the end of the block. oh yes. No paying for parking tonight and only a few steps away from the theatre. Nice. I decide to walk the block to the main thoroughfare, thinking the DM could pick me up and we could look for a parking spot for her. Walk 5 feet and she calls, she's on the main street...ok turn by the theatre and pick me up. As we are still on the phone, a car two back from where mine is parked pulls out. oh yeah. Parking problem solved...3 minutes later the DM is LHAO as she pulls into the second queen bitch parking space. We expect nothing less.

On to eat. We decide on Cuban Pete's a BYOB. Stop at the liquor store to grab a few brews and grab a table at Pete's.  As the restaurant has outdoor courtyard dining as well as indoor.. we think... it's a beautiful afternoon, sun is shining...let the girls catch some rays. Order some tapas dishes, a perfect way to sample several items without being overloaded with food. Enjoying the atmosphere, food and company...I looked at the sun starting to lower in the sky and thought of the many hours we spent in outdoor bars like this, down the shore...many, many years ago. Damn, we have downed a lot of alcohol together. But I digress.

The Wellmont Theatre is an old auditorium from back-in-the-day. It is slowly being restored and it's a great place to see a show. The DM had ordered the tix, so 11th row orchestra was where we could be found. Nice.
Lots of old rockers here tonight, and the feeling I always get of being "home" when I'm in a music venue quickly entered my psyche.

Waiting for the opening act, we started conversing with a mother-daughter team sitting next to us. Having two generations sharing a common joy over the same music gets me thinking; there still might be hope that good music will someday prevail over the drivel that tops the charts now.

The show's about to start.

Opening act: The Trews
Headliner: Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

Check out "Back In Jersey: Rockin' With Southside Johnny" on Kat's Theory of Music for the music story of the night.


  1. oh i forgot last night was your night in my neck of the woods! i shudda met you ladies for dinner and drinks!!!

    1. damn, yes. that would have been the salt on the margarita glass.

  2. Perfect night with my rockin sista.....who could ask for more ! xo
    With queen bitch parking to boot !

  3. would you expect anything less? you know how we roll.

  4. Haha...only you 2 could end up with the perfect parking spots! LOL

    Glad to hear fun was had by all! :)