Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hated Journey Is Over: A New Car Is A Beautiful Thing

I loved my 4Runner, really I did.

She had served us well for almost 15 years. So many trips up through New England, into Canada, down to Baltimore, countless drives to Pennsylvania... and never as much as a hiccup in her giddyup.

I loved my sunroof...especially at night. Loved driving into NYC for a show or dinner and having the roof opened on the way back to Jersey. Something about driving and seeing the moon through the top of the car. I loved the room, as I've said before... I don't travel light. There was always room to fit all my supplies and purchases...well almost always.

I also loved her as she got old. There is a certain feeling you get when your car is old and you take her into the city... especially with my attitude. Don't even think of cutting me off, does this car look like I give a shit? You really think I'm gonna cry over a dent...better rethink that move Mr. Mercedes.

But just like everything else in life, all good things come to an end. Shirley (yes, that was her name) and I have gone our separate ways. And you know what..I don't even miss her. She has been replaced..with a younger model.

The new addition to the family is a 2012 Subaru Outback...charcoal grey with black interior. Picked her up last night and am looking forward to taking her out for a little spin today. Now, the size is a bit smaller, that will mean I can no longer throw everything into the back. Now I have to execute a packing plan...something I excell at by the way. It's like doing a puzzle...a challenge for which I am ready, willing and able.

The biggest issue for me is the loss of my sunroof or moonroof... whatever you call it. This car doesn't have one and I will miss it terribly. But just like when you buy a house, unless you have unlimited resources... there are concessions to be made. Those who know me, know resources ain't quite what they used to be. But I digress.

All in all, I am one happy girl this morning. There is a ride to the weekend house tomorrow and a planned road trip for next weekend. It's gonna be nice to hear the music in the car, and not the squeaks and noise from the lack of tailpipe outside of it.

Thanks Shirley, for the 172,000 miles, the fun and the memories.

Time to take out the new girl in town... and I don't even know her name yet...any suggestions?



  1. how about Gertude or Bernice?

  2. Oh very, very nice.....MTC

  3. Love the Outback! May you have many happy rides.