Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adios Jorge

And then there were two.  With today's official announcement, the "Core Four" go down to a dynamic duo.  Jorge Posada retires as a Yankee.  Just as Andy did (aside from that misguided adventure in Houston), and just as Mo and Jete will.  There will never be another core four, this group was indeed, one for the ages.

In the early years, we watched their careers with a mixture of anticipation and wonder.  These guys were good...but soon they would be great.  The bond we, as fans felt to them, could only be second to the bond they had with each other.

While Jorge could drive you crazy at times, there was never a doubt as to his competitiveness and fire as a player.  As the years pass and the skills of an athlete decline, you always hope for just one more great at bat, fielding play or pitching performance.  Jorge delivered that one night in September, as he pinched hit his way to reinforcing his Yankee legend.

So, this season will start with the last two of the core four battling the opposition, as well as their ages.  Time is never on the side of a professional athlete.  Each passing year demands we savor every save by the master..the man with ice running through his veins.  Then there's the Captain.  I've watched a lot of baseball over the years, never have I enjoyed the career of a player more than Jeter.  In any uniform, he would have been great.  But he has been ours..and always will be.

Today's announcement ends another chapter of Yankee tradition.

Gracias Jorge.  A True Champion, A Forever Yankee.

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