Sunday, January 22, 2012

IM Conversations: Definitely Not Wasting Time

In a past blog, "Tying Up Loose Ends,"  the discussion centered on how I hate wasting time.  However, the actual meaning of wasting time can be very subjective.  Tying shoes...waste of time; spending precious moments IM'ing...of course not.

Since we all work in different places, my co-workers and I will IM off and on all day long, about various things to do with business.  Not the most fun use of time, but necessary to keep our company going.  Then there is the IM conversations with friends...definitely more gratifying.

While some IM's are quick and centered on who,what and where...there are another three subjects that it seems to me..get an inordinate amount of attention: Food, Booze and Hot Men... not necessarily in that order.  And, it seems we really like to have conversations about all three together as well (a nice sandwich, don't you think?)...add some music and we could go for days.

So the next time I'm in the express line of the supermarket, watching the bitch in front of me putting 72 items on the counter, I won't think of it as wasting time.  Instead I'll just think of it as an IM discussion to have later, where I fantasize about shoving that eggplant she's buying right down her throat.  

Then it will be back to the food, booze and hot men.  Yum.

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