Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sometimes A Dog Walk Is Not Just A Walk With The Dog

While writing blogs is a great way to vent, it also allows other people to realize just how really screwed up you are. However, even socially malfunctioning people with writing outlets require a little therapy.

Mine occurs every Friday when we arrive at the weekend house in the Poconos.  Evening drinks on the deck, afternoons walking around the lake, or the morning walk with the dog...are all times to be savored because they are always too short.

Until I'm out the door, the morning walk is not something I generally anticipate with any degree of enjoyment.  But once the walk begins, the silence and beauty of the lake and surrounding woods lightens my mood. Turning down one road, 10 deer in the road in winter formation.  During the winter months, deer generally walk in single file in larger herds.  My guess is once the snow is broken by the leader, it's easier for the rest of the group to follow in the same footprints.  Seeing my approach, 9 veer in one direction while one doe stays behind...and stares at us.  Is she older and no longer skittish of dogs and people...or just too scared to move.  We pass and eventually she rejoins the pack.

It's around seven in the morning..the sun has just begun transforming the sky with a paintbrush of pink and blue.  The colors reflect on the newly formed ice on the lake.  No cars, no people...just a nice start to a Saturday.

Three miles around the lake this afternoon seems like a go. Hope there's a glass of wine waiting for me on the deck.  Very therapeutic indeed.

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