Saturday, January 21, 2012

Speak Nicely? Bite Me, That's Why I Write

Motivation.  I hate that word.  It has always seemed like one of those new age buzz words.  As a person who generally calls it like I see it...instead of saying "I need to get myself motivated," more often than not I would say "it's time to get my ass in gear."  Eloquent, maybe not..but I think it gets the point across just fine.

Some people might accuse my way of speaking as lazy and crass.  I beg to differ.  Trust me it takes plenty of brain cells to conjure up ways to throw vulgarities into a conversation, without sounding like the 10 year olds of today.  While I understand the freedom that goes along with being out of earshot of your parents and letting f-bombs fly...imaginative they are not.   And many times, using the more accepted "freakin" delivers the same power as...well you know.

I love to curse..always have.  Using those nasty words dramatically can A) get people's attention, B) allow you to see those offended by them...thus giving you an edge and C) demonstrate that you have a mouth to back up your attitude..oh and there's also a D) end up getting your ass kicked.  I choose to ignore that one.

Now, I'm not an idiot. I'm completely aware of the necessity of speaking well, and without vulgarities in many instances.  It's just that those are exactly the times when it's usually called for the most.

Maybe someday I will learn to speak in dramatic fashion without being crude and distasteful.  Could be all I need is a little... motivation.

ah, f--k it.

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  1. Look, I'm from Jersey too - the fact remains in order to be motivated, you need to get your ass in gear!