Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enough With The Bad Singing

So here's what I don't get.  Really bad singers on commercials. Seriously, why?  Thousands upon thousands of great vocalists are trying to get a gig, and then you have ad agencies hiring...and  their clients signing off on out-of-tune idiots.

The newest one is Pizza Hut.  This kid they have singing is awful, and who wrote the really bad song? I think this reality experiment has gone too far.  We all hate commercials...good ones are increasingly hard to find, but are they intentionally trying to make bad ones? And why in God's name, would a major company hire an ad agency that comes up with an idea sure to turn most people off?  Tell me, is there no CEO watching...who in your company thought this was a good idea?  Fire him...NOW.

During the holidays I think it was Honda which had the dumb-ass girl in the Santa hat singing another really bad tune... off key.  Stop already.  Either hire people who can sing...and not rejects from American Idol either, or stop using music in your commercials.

Oh, and hire a new ad agency.

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