Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl Rematch: It's Talking Time

Here we go again.  Big Blue in the Big Game up against Babyhead Brady.  Nice.

As you might know, I have no love lost for things Boston.  The city itself is great, had some fun times there, but the sports teams...specifically football and the hated Sox...yes I am a Yankee fan, turn me into a hateful bitch. Not that I think that's a bad thing.

To live in the New York area and be a fan of either the Pats or the Sox is, for me, inconceivable.  The "other's" bartender is a Red Sox fan...cannot comprehend it.  What's worse is he's raising his young son to be one too.  Talk about a lost generation.

Anyway, in two weeks the Super Bowl rematch begins. I can still remember all those 19-0 t-shirts that were printed prior to the last Giants-Pats Super Bowl...the ones that were given to some third world country when the Giants ruined the Pats perfect season. Such a shame. While this rematch is not quite as dramatic, and the outcome of a Giants win is not set in stone, we all now have two weeks to dissect, rehash and piss & moan about what should... and what will happen.'re goin' down.

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