Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moo: Bring Those Babies Home

I do believe the cows have come home.

Technically, I did not finish that entire bottle of chardonnay.  I believe there was an ounce left...bad job by me.  So while I didn't look forward to yesterday's early morning dog walk...and taking my body's displeasure with me into consideration, the walk this morning was preceded by a couple of Advils.  Better living through pharmacology.

Still, not bad for a getting older but not dead yet, woman of a certain age.  A Saturday night of varying degrees of amusement, too little sleep (who says you can't be productive on 4 hours a night?), and a green bottle on its way to the recycling bin...this girl was still up and walking around the smaller lake (only 2 miles), before the sun was full up in the sky.

Proves nothing, means nothing. All I know is those cows got nothin' on me.

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